Thursday, 12 January 2017

DR Who / From Russia With Love.

Well Christmas is now a memory and we are back in the mud, yee ha.  Lots of quotes going out for all sorts of crazy stuff, got confirmation of a BBC jobbie today, but they just can't make up their minds what colour they want the tank. I say tank, they want an OT64. A huge 8x8 Czech amphibious armoured car, its for Dr Who, or Dr What as I call it. It's filmed in Wales on a full time set, last time we were there it was a medieval castle and they wanted our gold chieftain chugging in and out of the castle for a couple of days with The Dr or Mr Garibaldi standing on the front wing playing an electric guitar.
Little  Sis (Jill) came to ride shotgun and generally do all the heavy stuff lugging battery's about, and did a very fine job too. The food was great, we had a posh hotel and lots of laughs.
I'm chasing a few new vehicles. A fox and a Russian T 55, had this idea to do a V I P car crush with just Russian vehicles called From Russia with Love.  Basically,  drive 4  vehicles, fire an RPG and run a car over with our huge 2s3 Arkasia, or the T55 if it's up to the job. Potentially all our previous crushers who have left wonderful stuff on our Trip Advisor have an excuse to all come again!

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