Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A new arrival at Tanks-alot

It's been 4 days now since big Lenny a very beautiful female green wing Macaw has been dropped off by her long term owner and best friend. An emotional time for the guy who's work commitments have made it hard to give Lenny the fun she used to have. Every day she gets a little more tame with me and yesterday she sat on my arm for the first time and today she has sat on my arm many times, but she's not sure about a jolly good tickle yet.
JJ, my favourite Green wing Macaw, may have got himself a girlfriend if it all goes well. He has become a bit jealous but not removed my ears yet. She's heavy. Very heavy, bit like a chicken! I'm guessing he may feel a bit menaced with her being bigger than him.
Reminds me of an old girlfriend of mine, 6'3 in her flats and at least 18 stone but a sweet face. A man can just about live with that, Billy Joel did, but her cock was a good 4 inches longer than mine so it could never last.  

Not much tank work going on today, just a few quotes and selling Monty gift vouchers. Looks like we may have a New Year's Eve job in London with an Abbott, should be fun. Maybe we could fire a huge blank on the stroke of midnight, I better suggest it. Kate and I already have a private tank party on the farm in the day so a busy time. 

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