Crush a Car

Crush a Car - for ONLY £499.00

spectators £10 each 

So you’ve always wanted to run over a car with A Tank but don’t think you’re skilled enough to win a Full Monty Day and get one for free? No problem, since we had The Tuttels up from American chopper, Squashing requests have flooded in, some from Americans wanting a crush while on vacation, some from guys buying their ladies a lifelong ambition. 

 So now you can just buy one. WE CHARGE £499, spectators £10 each on afternoon or morning of your choice and the Package includes Driving a 432 armoured personnel carrier untill you are skilled enough to graduate up to the Big Russian v8 turbo powered GVOZDIKA’s. 

Followed by a chill in the Armoury while you get your breath back and take some "Charlie’s Angels" pictures posing with the machine Guns. Then the best bit -  blast over a clean complete family Saloon in 56 tons of Chieftain Main Battle Tank -  room for a couple of spectators to ride on the tank or maybe put your mother in law in the boot of the car, your choice, it’s your dream come true. 

 It has been known for you to add a few drivers at £169  per head and turn it in to a mini competition with the best driver winning the crush. You’re also welcome to prod and hinder the lads in the workshops while having a look at some of our special tanks, don’t mention the pink one!

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